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Prophet, your Prayer Cloths are not like any I have ever had and I have tried many, I see why people speak so high of you

Brenda C

Satisfied Member

I should have asked Prophet Grace to help my Cousin Princess Diana

Lady B. Plamer

Cousin of the Late Princess

God Bless This Powerful, Humble Man

Senator Creque, USVI, Retired

Powerful, Powerful

I only wished that I had come to this Powerful man of God first

Mrs. J Thomas

I Believe

The doctors had given up on me, my wife had this Powerful man of God Pray for my miracle, Thank You Jesus, Thank You , Prophet Grace

Bishop R. Boone

Very Happy to be alive!

Prophet, I have never seen anything like your Triple Blessing Black Soap, My Luck very bad before I used your soap.

Darlene D

Happy & Blessed

Fantasia, He's done enough

How I got Over

God trying to tell you something,

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